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Published: 03rd June 2011
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We're your resource for honest bass string reviews. We analyze all of the main types of bass strings, together with makers.
We realize that bass strings are a highly personalized product choice. Everyone has their own requirements in terms of overall tone, playability, longevity, afforability, and others. What works best for one bassist, could be despised by another. As such, our testimonials are not designed to guide you towards our own personal preferences. Rather, we try to deliver an unbiased review of attributes including overall tone, playability, toughness, afforability, and more, where we simply give you suggestions on these kinds of products, and then let you make up your individual choice about whether these strings are suitable for your playing style and needs.
We've tried to present reviews of the most commonly sought-after information by bassists. Many of our reviews will be by specific brands of bass strings, other assessments will be by type of bass strings. The evaluation progression is an continuous process, therefore we will regularly be incorporating more assessments to each category during each year. We hope you'll find these resources useful in choosing the best bass strings for you.
Here we'll check out the Rotosound RS77 Jazz Bass Strings. These strings happen to be hand made in England. They are available in the following gauges: 45-65-85-105.

This is what the manufacturer states:
With a legacy that stretches back to the birth of Rock n’ Roll itself, Rotosound have been manufacturing the World’s finest music strings for more than 50 years. We have an endorsee list that spans half a century and reads like the Who’s Who of modern contemporary music. We are proud to include innovators such as Jimi Hendrix and John Entwistle plus modern day legends like Steve Harris, Billy Sheehan and Duff McKagan as players who have chosen to play Rotosound Strings during the course of their musical careers.
This is what we say:
They're Flatwound. They are manufactured from Monel. Monel is a form of metal which was developed by a materials company and it is an alloy that actually works perfect for jazz bass strings.
It is possible to hear these strings on many classic albums by musicians including Sting, Phil Lynott, Steve Harris, and John Deacon. Rotosound makes higher quality electric bass strings. They've got a excellent tone.
These strings gives you an exceptional jazz bass tone. They offer a great pop. Some people discover that these strings could be a little difficult to slap. They're also somewhat more costly than some strings. Nevertheless, the overall consensus is that these strings are worth any additional price. Some are convinced they are the best strings that they have ever used. These are a major step-up from your stock strings.
You'll notice a really good sound right from the box. You'll really notice the brightness in addition to the bottom. However, we did discover that the brightness faded perhaps a bit quickly. With that said, they really have a very awesome punch to them - genuinely tight bottom.

You might also discover that these aren't the smoothest or least difficult strings to play. You will feel these strings. They will build-up some calluses on your fingers quickly. Or, if you don't have calluses, you might go raw for a few days if you're playing a great deal. Nevertheless, most believe that the pain is worth it to achieve the sound that these offer. We have to concur.

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